Comprehensive Tree Services from a Certified Arborist

We’re Your Commercial and Residential Tree Specialists

Tree Wise Men follow the highest professional standards and best practices in everything we do. We adhere to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A-300 Tree Care Performance Standards, specifications based on current research and sound practice for managing trees, shrubs and other woody plants.

Tree Analysis & Care

Trees are a valuable part of every property. Just as you fertilize and groom your lawn, your trees need special care to continue looking good and provide shade and protection for your home or business. Tree Wise Men’s certified arborist can inspect your trees, map the root protection zone, and analyze arboreal health, function, environmental contribution and particular needs. We will respond with fertilization, disease prevention, healthy pruning and other services as needed to protect your investment.

Tree Pruning

When performed according to a certified arborist’s prescription, pruning improves a tree’s health and beauty. Unproductive branches use valuable moisture and nutrients that could better serve healthy parts of the tree. Branches overhanging buildings and other structures can pose a danger if high winds bring them down – it’s better to trim the branch before it falls wrong. And, of course, a well-trimmed tree displays a pleasing shape and improves the overall look of your landscape.

Certified Arborist Consultation

A certified arborist is trained in the art and science of planting, nurturing and maintaining individual trees, and balancing the mix of trees in a particular environment. Jordy Hagen, Tree Wise Men’s president, is a certified arborist with nearly two decades of experience. He is a leader in his profession, and a well-respected resource for foresters throughout Texas. Jordy can inventory and analyze your trees and provide a plan for the long-term development of your treescape. If you have a tree problem, call on Tree Wise Men.

Safe Tree Removal

Tree removal is a last resort – our shady giants stand and serve for decades. However, there are times when a tree must be removed for safety, health of the surrounding vegetation or property management. Tree Wise Men can provide a certified arborist’s analysis of the tree. When necessary, we have the equipment and professional skills to remove the tree safely and leave your property looking good.

Other Services:

Tree Inventory & Analysis
Emergency Tree Care (after Wind or Storm Damage)
Ball Moss Removal and Control
Air Spade and Root Collar Excavation
Tree Fertilization
Shrub Pruning & Maintenance

Tree Services Time Lapse Video

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  • “I awoke one morning to find a huge tree laying across my deck. Realizing the night's storm did some damage, I made a check of the remaining yard. There were tree limbs ready to fall, some hanging dangerously, and a few already on the ground. Then I remembered Tree Wise Men. Jordy Hagen and his crew arrived as scheduled and took care of the problem. The best thing about this company is the service. They don't do half a job – they cover everything that’s needed and leave the yard safe, clean and without debris.”
    - Sandra Karam

  • “We were so pleased with the tree pruning services provided to us by Tree Wise Men. In addition to their knowledgeable staff, they demonstrated nothing but professional courtesy and respect for our property when they were performing their job! We would not hesitate to have them return for additional work in the future – as their name implies they were truly wise!!”
    - George & Kelly Hall
  • “Shortly after moving to our new home last year, there was a storm, some limbs were knocked down in our yard and we needed some expert help. We have many large old trees in our yard, which is one of the characteristics which we really love, and we wanted someone we could really trust to help us. We called Jordy at Tree Wise Men at the highest recommendation of a close friend and could not have been happier. Jordy came out and it was obvious that he truly is an expert in this field. He was able to clean up our yard, gave us a tremendous amount of excellent advice, and finished our job quickly, and very reasonably in terms of price. He never was pushy or ‘salesmanish’ and as a result, we have continued to seek him out whenever we need help. I could not recommend Jordy and Tree Wise Men more highly.”
    -Jim & Vanessa Casey

  • "Tree Wise Men is an outstanding group. The care, expertise and advice that is provided on many of our office projects and the ongoing tree maintenance program that they offer, allows us to properly plan our budgets and preserve the character of our office settings: The Oaks, University Business Park, Heritage Oaks and Quarry Heights."
    – Sandi Ruffo, Property Manager R.L. Worth & Associates

  • “For my 30 plus years in public horticulture, I have never worked with someone as professional and knowledgeable as those with Tree Wise Men”
    -Bob Brackman, Executive Director, San Antonio Botanical Garden

  • “There are several good tree companies in San Antonio and I have worked with most of them over the years; however, I feel most comfortable with Jordy Hagen of Tree Wise Men. Jordy is the most reliable and knowledgeable certified arborist in this area. He is proactive in his approach to arboriculture and his professionalism is unsurpassed. Tree Wise Men consistently provides high quality crews who are prompt and courteous.”
    - Richard S. Thompson, Thompson Landscape Company

  • “Tree Wise Men have worked on two projects for Lake|Flato Architects over the course of the last four years: Brackenridge Park Parking and The Briscoe Western Art Museum. Both projects presented formidable challenges, in that they involved transplanting significantly-sized trees, as well as tree removal and trimming. Jordy and the staff he has assembled are not only quite knowledgeable and professional, but seem genuinely committed to preserving our trees - a resource that it so precious to South Texas. We look forward to working with them on future projects.”
    -Kim Monroe, AIA, Partner, Lake | Flato Architects

  • “Jordy and Tree Wise Men know and love trees and appreciate and work within an Owner’s budget to care for each and every tree of concern during a project. Whether it involves relocating or treating trees in place, Tree Wise Men provide expertise, service and knowledge to get trees prepared and keep them alive before, during and after a construction project.”
    - Sarah Weston, Project Manager, Project Control of Texas

  • “It is a pleasure to work with the Tree Wise Men team. They are smart, work safely, and have a rare sense of aesthetics. Their first-class equipment allows them to work fast. We gave them major tree pruning and tree removal jobs which they executed to our complete satisfaction. I recommend them without hesitation.”
    - H.W. “Bill” Lende, Jr., Proprietor, Herff Falls Ranch

  • “The wonderfully professional Tree Wise Men have removed several trees from our property in recent years, in addition to performing preventative maintenance. Each time the work has been carefully and efficiently completed, with extra attention paid to surrounding structures and delicate foliage. The quality of their service is impeccable. One of our huge, old pecans fell onto the house during a windstorm and, despite the fact that machinery could not reach the area, the Tree Wise Men expertly lifted the tree from the roof The removed the trunk and limbs, carving up the wood with near surgical precision, and diligently hauled away eery ounce of debris. With almost an acre of land, studded with trees, we rest easier knowing that the Tree Wise Men are just a phone call away. With this company’s speedy, kind, and fairly priced service, you are in the best of hands. Look no further.”
    - Camille Rosengren and Emily Ferry

  • “I would like to offer my highest recommendation for Tree Wise Men after hiring them for services at our home. This company is very professional and offers the highest expertise for trimming all species of trees. They are very dependable and all their employees are courteous and do an excellent job of cleaning up after they are finished trimming the trees. If you want the best in tree trimming service, this is the company.”
    - Bill Fitzgibbons, Executive Director, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center